Japanese Food : Zen Japanese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid


Japanese : Hi, ogenki desu ka? Watashi wa Isabelle desu, anata wa?
English : Hi, how are you? I am Isabelle, you?
Japanese : Nihon wa aki desu ne. Suki na tabemono wa nan desu ka?
English : Japan is autumn now. What food do you like?
These are the few words in Japanese that I know…haha
While contemplating whether to buy the dress or not, I decided to walk around Sunway Pyramid, finding good food to satisfy my appetite. As Japan is autumn (September, October and November) now, I was quite attracted to Zen Japanese Restaurant when I saw this bunting with the adage, “Shokuyoku no Aki“, meaning autumn for appetite. Most people would agree that the best season to visit Japan is during autumn season (marking the transition from summer to winter), where you could enjoy both cool temperatures and bright sunny skies. For the Japanese, autumn is associated with “harvest season”, “reading season”, “sports season” and “healing season”, nurturing a culture of rich food experience, spirit of learning, outdoor activities and a time for self-realisation and enlightenment. Although I am now in Malaysia, I know I could still enjoy authentic Japanese food in Zen Restaurant, where you would get to satisfy your tastebuds with a variety of authentic Japanese cuisine, seasonal delicacies and Japanese sake!
One of my favourite vocabulary is Zen, because it represents tranquility and balance. In Japanese word, Zen represents “meditation” or “meditative state”, a word derived from the Chinese word Chán meaning “quietude”, which in turn derived from the Sanskrit word dhy?na. Well, I’m not here to meditate but since I was contemplating whether to buy the dress or not, might as well I patronise Zen Japanese Restaurant to dine in peace before making my decision…:)
Upon entering the restaurant, a feeling of warmth consumed me especially when I was welcomed at the reception with a smile. Now, tell me, let’s say when you are contemplating something (your mind were in a mess) and being served with good customer service in a restaurant from the operational crews, what would you feel? I felt so good~~~ With friendly smile and attentive service from them since ordering the food, then refilling my hot green tea whenever I finished my tea, removing my finished plates and wiping my table whenever I spilled something (without me asking), one word I can comment, “caring”. Now, this is the hospitality that most patrons would value.
Hot green tea or simply known as “ocha”.
Looking at the colorful menu…wow…my appetite was racing already screaming for mouth-watering food. Japanese food never fails to tickle my appetite as I’m always amazed on how the Japanese chef knife’s skill could turn every slices of seafood, meats, fruits, and even rice and eggs into eye-pleasing and well ornamented miniature meal of artwork.
Do not expect to see knives and forks cutlery in Japanese food, so better make sure you know how to use chopstick before going into a Japanese restaurant…else, you’ll miss out the real experience of savouring Japanese food.
Paralleling with its name Zen, the restaurant offers a cozy relaxing ambience and both modenistic and simplistic interpretation and presentation of Japanese food experience to its patrons. There are different settings of seats you could choose from, both brightly litted and dimly litted, whether beside the windows, sofa seats, near the open bar kitchen, and even sectional private settings to cater bigger group of patrons and patrons who prefer a certain degree of privacy. Thus, offering both casual and intimate dining experience.
These are the valued kitchen crews preparing fresh and delicious food for you…Arigato
Here is the cabinet where Japanese sake, Red wine and White wines are kept. A variety of Hokkaido wines, Sochu and Sake are flown here from Hokkaido, Tokyo, Akita, Miyagi, Yamagata, Shizuoka, Nagano, Hiroshima, Nara, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Ohita, and Fukoaka for you to choose from. Red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chiraz and Merlot are available whereas white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are available for your celebration.
Here is the open bar preparing all your bewerages.
Tadaa~~~Here are my food…:)
“Kanpai”…:)…means, cheers…
The first dish was Sake no Oyako Sanshumori costing at RM 35. It was a dish consisted of salmon, salmon belly and salmon roe. They were so fresh and the slices were thick enough.

This green paste is called wasabi, usually mixed with soy sauce to form a spicy dipping as a condiment to sushi and sashimi. It is grated from Japanese horseradish vegetable roots and has very strong hot flavour that stimulates the nasal passages rather than your tounge with its vapor. It is similar to the hotness of mustard but the burning sensation lasts only a few seconds. So, no worry, it’s not as hot as chilis or sambal belacan…I always like to use wasabi to trick my friends…:)
The second dish was called Nama Sanma Sashimi costing at RM 22. It was just the sliced half pieces of the raw fish of Pacific Saury. You can order the whole one fish too costing at RM 38.
My third dish was called Coral Roll costing at RM 22. It was sushi roll topped with Salmon and Salmon Roe. You must be wondering that I must be a Salmon lover, and the answer is YES. 
My fourth dish was called Avocado no Ebi Mayo no Cheese Yaki costing at RM 15. It was grilled shrimp and avocado with cheese topped with flying fish roe. I love avocado, good for skin…hehe
My fifth dish was Kaisen Chige Nabe costing at RM 30. It was Kimuchi soup-based hot pot with assorted seafood and vegetables.
With a close-up look you can see fresh shrimps, salmons, shells, cuttlefish and ramen.
Hot pot with mushrooms and vegetables.
Smoking hot! I better becareful handling this…:)
Time for dessert! Japanese desserts are very different compared to Western desserts, more on ice-cream I would say for this menu.
This is called Itachoko Monaka costing at RM 8. It was wafer ice-cream with thick chocolate.
Yummy Yummy Yummy~~
It was such a hearty meal for me. Should you like to experience what I had, look no further but come here and try it for yourself with your family and friends. It has a capacity of 126 seats and it has been serving for good 7 years already!
Location? Here :
Lot 0B2-F-U2, 1st Floor, Oasis Boulevard 2, Sunway Pyramid, No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, 46150, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(03) 7492 4922 (03) 7492 4933

Operating hours : 
MON – THU 11.30am – 3.00pm & 6.00pm – 11.00pm;
FRI – SUN 12.00 noon – 11.00pm

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